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My New Friend, Grief: Reflections on Loss and Life

(from the back cover) "I force my mouth to form a smile, but it is hard to look people in the eyes. I hear my dad’s voice whispering, “Eye contact, Anna.” But making eye contact means seeing and being seen. I try to avoid it. My head is nodding while my heart screams in disagreement with what is being said, “NO HE IS NOT IN A BETTER PLACE. THIS IS WHERE HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE. THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE THAN RIGHT HERE. WITH US…"

With extraordinary honesty, Anna shares how she experienced grief after the sudden death of her father.  My New Friend Grief: Reflections on Loss and Life divulges how Oginsky’s previous life experience had shaped her beliefs about death and loss. As she sifted through the broken pieces of her heart, she discovered that befriending grief would allow her to move through life in richer, more meaningful ways.

My New Friend Grief brings to light the feelings and fears we all experience in grief, but hesitate to express. As Oginsky reveals her personal insights into loss and life, we find a friend who affirms for us that, as we too grieve, we are not alone.

My New Friend, Grief provides a candid, personal reflection on loss and life, as well as an affirmation for the transformational power of embracing grief.

Anna had the opportunity to be a guest on bright new voices: the balboa press hour with diane lay. Grab a cup of something warm and listen in as they discuss my new friend, grief...

Also listen in here as Anna speaks with author, artist, mentor, guide, and all-around inspiration, Christine Mason Miller as a guest on her podcast, The Conscious Booksmith. Christine and Anna talk about making space for writing, writing as healing, and My New Friend, Grief.

My New Friend, Grief
By Anna Hodges Oginsky




  • Indie Reader Discovery Awards: Winner in Aging/Death & Dying

  • Independent Publishers Book Awards: Gold Medal Winner in Aging/Death & Dying

  • The National Indie Excellence Awards: Finalist in Grief

  • The Great Midwest Book Festival: Honorable Mention in Non-fiction

  • The Beverly Hills Book Awards: Winner in Grief